About Us

We at H.A.Mason Co. Are a small crew of experienced individuals with expertise in stone masonry and home improvement. We've been serving northern NJ since 1997 with background going back as far as 1986 Europe. We know our work in and out and strive to create the same quality work that is still standing in Europe even after hundreds of years. Whatever the job is, we never hesitate to look and give our honest opinion.


We work with stone, bricks, pavers, concrete, stucco, plaster and much more. Just call us or send an email with your job description and we'll contact you as soon as possible with a free estimate. We love experimenting with new ideas so do not hesitate to mention anything that's on your mind . So if you have a home improvement or masonry project that you need done, don't hesitate to contact. It will be the best decision you've ever made for your property.



Al the Mason


Home of 25 years experience in stone masonry and home improvement.


Est. 1986